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Couples Guide to Confident Travel: Tips To Travel Better Together

Congratulations! You are ready to grab the love of your life and get away on a grand adventure. Maybe you’re heading off on your honeymoon, or just escaping to embark on a romantic retreat. Either way, it is essential to be well-prepared for couple travel to ensure an enjoyable vacation. Most couples are ready for the exciting experience, but may not be quite ready for the challenges along the way. Whether you are a seasoned travel couple, or traveling with your significant other for the very first time, these 15 tips to travel better together are sure to promote confident travel and make a memorable journey for you both!

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1. Communication is key to travel better together

We all know that one of the key elements of a thriving relationship is effective communication. In our opinion, communication is the number one thing that can make or break your dream vacation. During the planning process, it is important to discuss your expectations. These expectations will range from daily itineraries to budget and beyond. Expressing thoughts, feelings, and concerns openly before the trip will help to avoid any disappointments, misunderstandings, or arguments while abroad.

2. Plan the details together (and make it fun!)

When traveling together as a couple, especially for the first time, it is vital to discover what each partner’s desires and preferences are. One way to do this is by researching and writing down what each of your bucket list items are for the trip and then sharing them. Once you do this it is much easier to plan an itinerary and find accommodations and experiences that will make you both happy. During this planning process, you may be surprised at the things you will have to compromise on. But isn’t it better to do that at home and not while you’re in a dreamy destination? For us, there is nothing more exciting than discussing upcoming travel details over dinner and a glass of wine. So, when you DO decide to sit down and plan everything out, make a date night out of it.

Remember: A couple that dreams together succeeds together!

3. Divide Travel Responsibilities Equally

To avoid potential conflict and overwhelm, divide the travel responsibilities equally. An example of this would be having one person in charge of finding hotels during the planning phase and the other working on your budget. Another example of this would be one person being in charge of navigation and logistics during travel, while the other takes care of translations and communication. This way, both partners feel like they are contributing to the success of the trip.   

4. Create a budget (with wiggle room)

Money matters can often get magnified while traveling. To avoid money-based disputes, create a budget ahead of time that works for both of you. Settle on numbers that make everyone comfortable and be sure to leave a little wiggle room for any unexpected travel expenses, or once-in-a-lifetime experiences. 

5. Set yourself up for success with currency exchange

If you are traveling outside of your home country, be sure to manage your money ahead of your departure date. Research the local currency of your destination and exchange rates weeks before you leave to find the option that makes sense for you both. Take the time to locate a local currency exchange to ensure you have the money you need to hit the ground running. You can exchange currency at your personal bank, credit union, or local currency exchange outlets in your area. We highly recommend never exchanging currency at an airport kiosk, because there is often a much higher rate. It’s always a good idea to have cash on hand, but you will want to limit the amount that you carry to lessen the risks of loss and theft. 

6. Make sure your money goes toward your adventure instead of overseas fees

To avoid theft and fees on overseas purchases, consider opening up a travel banking account separate from your personal checking and savings. Some credit cards and banking institutions charge an additional percentage for purchases overseas and these fees can add up quickly! Therefore we suggest finding other options, such as the Capital One 360 Checking Account. They will send you a debit card that can be used internationally with no transaction fee and the accessibility to easily transfer funds from your current bank accounts. If you don’t want to open a new account, make sure you both read and understand your banking and credit card terms. Put the money that could have gone towards overseas fees towards your dream adventure. 

7. Pack light and efficiently

Don’t wait until the night before the trip to start talking about packing. Coordinating with your partner avoids over-packing and unnecessary stress. Discuss what outfit essentials you will both need based on your itinerary and use packing cubes to save space. Share items when possible, such as toiletries, chargers, and travel essentials to reduce the number of bags you need to carry. To further alleviate risks and delays, opt to travel with only carry-on bags instead of checked luggage. This will help ensure there are no interruptions (like lost luggage) to your well-planned trip. It’s amazing just how much you can fit into an airline-approved carry-on bag and backpack.

8. Check Passport/Visa requirements and secure important documents

When booking your international travel, do not forget to check your passport’s expiration date. Some countries have a six or three-month validity rule that needs to be taken into consideration if your passport is about to expire. Additionally, be sure to research visa requirements for your destination to avoid any issues upon arrival. Doing these steps together makes sure you both fully understand the process. Once all essential documents are secured and in order, make digital copies of your passports, IDs, and itineraries. This can be as simple as taking a photo or scanning the document with your smartphone. Share this information with your partner in case of emergencies overseas. 

9. Maintain a healthy lifestyle before your trip

Not only do we want to look good for the gram, but we also want to feel adequate for the adventure. Travel can often disrupt regular routines, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle before you leave can make a huge difference in your energy and morale. If you plan on climbing Giotto’s Bell Tour in Florence, or The Niesen Railway in Switzerland, you will want to get your steps in before you arrive. Make time to take walks together, or challenge each other on the stair master. And don’t be afraid to lift weights in anticipation of carrying your luggage up the stairs in Cinque Terre. You never know when you’ll be running through a train station with a heavy backpack. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what activity you’re doing as long as you’re moving your body. Trust us, your bodies will thank you when you’re counting the cities on foot. 

10. Decide how you will document your travels

Although your memories will last a lifetime, we think it’s important to decide beforehand how you want to document your travel. Do you want lots of photos, more video, or an even mix of both? The number one thing to take into consideration is quality. Discuss whether you want to simply share these with family and friends, or if you are looking to print large-scale images upon your return. We recommend looking into a variety of small handheld options that can provide the functionality you need to cover all of your bases. GoPro products can provide you with pro-level quality media with user-friendly design. For couples who want a step above cellphone quality, you may consider a mirrorless camera option. They won’t weigh down your bags, but they will still provide you with the professional-quality photos you’ve always wanted and high-resolution video that will transport you back to that magical moment. At the end of the day, sticking with your smartphone is always an excellent option. Just remember to be present in these special moments, regardless of how you plan to document them. 

11. Try to keep a flexible itinerary so you can slow down and enjoy the moment

Even though we believe that planning is essential to the success of every trip, we also believe that it is equally important to remain somewhat flexible. If you have an itinerary that is jam-packed you are much more likely to blow your budget or experience burnout. And if you don’t leave any room for unexpected events and mishaps, this could leave you both feeling frustrated instead of free. The best way to avoid vacation burnout is to hard schedule your non-negotiable bucket list items into your days and leave room to slow down with the rest. Leave time for spontaneity, to get lost while exploring a new city, and to cuddle up in bed together for an extra hour. These are the little slices of heaven that will end up being the unexpected highlights of your next adventure.  

12. Don’t be afraid of giving each other space and taking alone time

Not every single couple in the world has the luxury or desire to spend every single moment together. And if your normal routine doesn’t have this frequency you may experience exhaustion or irritability (no matter how much you love your other half). Don’t be afraid to take some alone time during your couples trip. This can be anything from venturing out on your own for a brief walk or taking quiet time to read a book. Allowing each other to recharge in your own unique way will help you appreciate the time that you will be spending together. 

13. Understand that traveling with your lover does not mean 24/7 romance

Before you skip this paragraph please understand that this post is being written by total hopeless romantics. We are happiest when we are swept away in moments that make hearts beat faster. However, we have traveled together enough to tell you that not every single second of your vacation is going to be filled with romance. To avoid disappointment and unrealistic expectations you have to realize ahead of time that there will be challenging moments. These challenging moments could be anything from getting sick during transportation or showing up to a destination that looks nothing like it did on the internet. The beauty of these challenges are facing them together. You know you’ve found your person and perfect travel companion when you wouldn’t want to experience the ups and downs without each other. 

14. Embrace new experiences and cultures together

When you travel with your significant other you have an amazing opportunity to create extremely unique shared memories. Our favorite way to do this is by embracing the culture that we are immersed in. Don’t be scared to talk to the locals, try different foods, and learn about a new culture. Not only will you grow as an individual, but you will grow as a couple. 

15. Practice patience with your partner

Traveling together for the first time can be a magical experience, but it can also test your patience and relationship. Delays, culture shock, language barriers, and unforeseen obstacles can easily ruin the vacation vibe. This is why we always remember to take a deep breath together and stay patient…especially with each other. Overcoming obstacles as a team is all part of the adventure. And we know from experience that sometimes the most stressful chapters in the moment end up being the funniest travel stories. 

With these 15 tips to travel better together, you should be more than ready to take on the world as confident travelers. Let us know in the comments below if you have any tips that we should add to the list! 

Xx Emma Jaye & Michael Thomas

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