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Halloween Photoshoot inspired by Calvin Klein Classics

Calvin Klein Fashion with a Hint of Halloween.

At the start of every spooky season we always make it a goal to create halloween inspired photoshoots that break the average bat cookie-cutter mold. Our favorite Halloween Photoshoot inspired by Calvin Klein Classics, featured two wildly attractive and scantily clad models sporting nothing but their Calvins.

We wanted to keep the iconic, yet simplistic black and white photograph aesthetic, but add in the dark edge that makes both of us exactly who we are. Think Brooke Shields for CK, but with vampire fangs. Did anyone else get a little blood thirsty? Because we absolutely did and this was the result.

Styled by Calvin Klein and Scarecrow Vampire Fangs

For our Halloween Photoshoot inspired by Calvin Klein Classics, we purchased the modern cotton underwear from the Calvin Klein Fall Collection and paired them with our custom Scarecrow Vampire Fangs. We have personally used the SVF brand for multiple creative endeavors, due to their movie-quality realism & extreme wearability. Not to mention, they have a low price point, just in case they get ruined by any fake blood we are using on set.

As a disclaimer, please only use SFX blood that is safe for use in and around the mouth when doing shoots like this. Our favorite is Ben Nye’s Stage Blood from Camera Ready Cosmetics. It is designed to simulate fresh blood effects with its rich pigmentation and comes in a zesty mint-flavor in case you decide to steal a vampire kiss on set. (We know from experience)

The Final Notes

In the shadow of the moonlight and amidst the haunting echoes of Halloween, our creative journey unfolded just as we had planned. Channeling the timeless allure of classic Calvin Klein ads, our Halloween photoshoot became a blend of sensuality, and spooky season spirit. As a creative couple, it was an exploration of creativity that trashed the conventional and celebrated our bond in eerie elegance. With each frame, our Halloween photoshoot became a spellbinding memory to cherish in the years to come.

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