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Mineral Wells Weekend Itinerary

Mineral Wells, TX is a charming small town with a crazy history. It is renowned for its mineral-rich waters and natural springs that have drawn visitors there for over a century. So naturally, we HAD to spend a weekend there to discover everything the little Texas town had to offer. And of course, that means you would end up with the Mineral Wells Weekend Itinerary.

Quick History Plug

Photo From Mineral Wells Visiting Center

It all started in 1877, when James Lynch (no relation to the famous guitarist), his family and their heard of livestock settled in the Palo Pinto Valley. Because they lived four miles from the only water source, they traded some of their oxen for a well driller to drill them a well. Both Lynch and his wife suffered from rheumatism and were initially concerned about the water’s taste. But after testing the water’s safety on their livestock, they began drinking it as well. They quickly found that they were feeling much better.

The “healing” water news travelled far and wide from neighbors to complete strangers showing up on the property. It wasn’t long before thousands of people started traveling to try this curative drink. In the fall of 1881, Mineral Wells became a town thanks to the popularity of the well. Mr. Lynch named himself the mayor and had several more wells drilled.

Which brings us to the most renowned story of the town – the story of Crazy Water. According to local legend, a demented elderly woman drank from the well every day twice a day and overcame her irrational behavior. Is this story fact, or fiction? Most of the Mineral Wells water wells have a high amount of lithium, which is still used to treat mood disorders and mental illness to this day. We will let you decide.

Either way, the stories of healing water skyrocketed tourism in Mineral Wells. Tourists travelled from around the globe to visit the bathhouses, drinking pavilions and spas. The popularity of the wells suffered during the Great Depression. Most of the tourism died down and water companies closed by the 1940’s. However the historical town remains and there is even still a spot in town where you can try this historical water for yourself.

Your Mineral Wells Weekend Itinerary

The Crazy Water Hotel

We recommend kicking off your adventure at The Crazy Water Hotel. We did not stay there during our first visit to Mineral Wells. (See where we stayed here) But this historic hotel is an incredible place to start learning the history and tasting it!

On the ground floor you can shop nine upscale boutiques. We loved the unique art at Sensology and the luxury items at The Perfect Pair Shoe Boutique. But our favorite stop at The Shops At The Crazy was the Crazy Coffee and Water Bar.

Crazy Coffee and Water Bar

Crazy Fizz

They have all the classic drink from lattes to sodas. But every single drink (even the almond milk) is made with a secret crazy ingredient. You guessed it, the crazy water from the local wells. We were blown away by how eager the staff was to tell us the history of their town AND give us samples of the famous water.

They had four different water samples from different wells in the area. Each number varies in strength based on how deep they have to dig into the earth to source it. For example, the water that we loved the most was Crazy Water No. 4. It is sourced at 120 feet making it the strongest, most full-bodied mineral water on their shelves.

And for an even more flavorful experience, you can add your favorite crazy water into any of their menu options. We highly recommend trying the Crazy Fizz. Crazy Fizz is reminiscent to sparkling water with a punch of flavor. The BlackBerry and Strawberry Crazy Fizz are our top choices!!

Downtown Mineral Wells

Wander down the sidewalks of Downtown Mineral Wells gives you a sense of days past. The countless historic buildings and original signage transport you back in time. You can almost envision a line of tourists waiting on the street to get into one of the bathhouses.

Shopping The Block

While taking in the sites you will also have an opportunity to stop into one of the many boutiques or specialty stores. From clothing to antiques, there is surely something for everyone.

Our favorite local store was an antique shop called Witschorke’s. We were drawn in from the display window and we were not disappointed once we got inside. Mr. Witschorke has created an antique lovers playground. There was a vide variety of vintage jewelry, antique furniture, and local historic artifacts. We could have spent all day sifting through treasures reminisce of times past.

Murals Of Mineral Wells

Art lovers and travelers looking for the next best Instgram-worthy photo spot will love the murals scattered around town. Mineral Wells is home to more than 20 murals by local artists. The Visitors Center has a map to show you where they are located. You can also find the map here. From butterfly wings to flying pigs, the interactive murals are a sight to see. You may even get a chance to have the famous Baker Hotel in the background. Be sure to use the hashtag #Muralsat76067 if you create some art Downtown Mineral Wells.

Foodies of Mineral Wells

If you are arriving in time for breakfast or brunch you have to stop in to Happy Days Diner. They serve American cuisine favorites, but with the hometown hospitality you’ve been craving since you were a kid. This 50’s style diner is in the heart of downtown Mineral Wells and is a place you don’t want to miss.

Another great place to stop downtown is Coffee & Cocktails @ 76067. This restaurant is a quiet place to grab a drink and quick bite after hours of shopping the Main Street. Their cocktails were fresh and their food had great flavor, but the view of the town was our favorite part.

And if you’re willing to take a drive just short of downtown Mineral Wells you have to make a point to stop at Woody’s Bar and Grill. This gem opened in 1951 and has remained the best place in town to grab a cold beer and a burger ever since. The small town charm will capture your heart and fill your stomach. There is nothing fancy about this restaurant, but you’ll be craving their burgers for weeks to come. LCTC TIP: It’s cash only. There is an atm in the back if you forget. And the best place to sit is at the bar.

Where To Stay In Mineral Wells

Michael surprised me with the perfect glamping experience in Mineral Wells. You can read about the full experience here.

We hope you fall in love with this tiny town the way we did. Let us know if you have any questions about Mineral Wells. And if you’re looking for tips to travel better together with your parter, check out our full guide to Confident Couple Travel.


Emma Jaye & Michael Thomas


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