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The Romantic Bucket List of Venice

The Ultimate Day Trip Travel Itinerary To Venice

Embark on a journey of romantic exploration as you catch the early morning train from Florence to Venice. Picture yourselves on a scenic ride, winding through the picturesque Italian countryside as you make your way to the City of Canals. Seated next to the one you love, you realize that sipping Italian coffee from a travel cup tastes even sweeter by their side. The allure of Italy in September sets the perfect mood, with a gentle breeze luring you into the adventures that await. You’ve remembered to travel light, freeing yourselves from the burden of heavy bags and daily stressors, as you prepare for a day filled with enchantment.  As a creative travel couple, we’ve created The Romantic Bucket List of Venice to help guide the way.

Things You Don’t Want To Miss In Venice

Before you begin your Venetian adventure, dive into a curated Venice Bucketlist like the one that we have created below. We have carefully selected some of the top highlights of Venice to inspire your romantic escapade. Depending on how much time you have, we recommend choosing 1-5 items that are your personal priorities and planning your day around them. Scroll down past our bucket list to see some of our favorite stops! 

Let’s Count The Cities Curated Romantic Bucket List of Venice:

  • St. Mark’s Square: One of the busiest and most well-known spots in Venice. Enjoy a quick bite to eat, glass of wine or coffee, and explore all that the area has to offer. 
  • St. Mark’s Basilica: Marvel at the intricate architecture of the largest cathedral in Venice. 
  • St. Mark’s Campanile: Take the elevator to the top of the iconic bell tower sitting in the heart of St. Mark’s Square. 
  • Rialto Bridge: Take in panoramic views from one of the city’s most famous landmarks and seize the opportunity to take photos from on top of it and in front of it.
  • Accademia Bridge: Cross the wooden bridge with one of the best views in Venice
  • Doge’s Palace: Explore the opulent gothic palace and former home of the Venetian government. 
  • Grand Canal: Whether you are gliding through the heart of Venice on a vaporetto, or simply enjoying from the shore – the Grand Canal is a must see and photograph while in Venice. 
  • Dorsoduro: A quiet neighborhood in Venice, with the perfect opportunity to take photos of the canals that aren’t lined with tourists. Also home to the Ca Macana (Venetian Carnival Mask Shop), Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Gallerie dell’Accademia, San Sebastiano, Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute and many other beautiful places to stop. 
  • Peggy Guggenheim Collection: Immerse yourselves in the most important museum of European and American art.
  • Academy Gallery: Admire masterpieces from Venetian artists like Titian and Bellini.
  • Ca’ d’Oro: Visit this stunning Gothic palace along the Grand Canal.
  • Libreria Acqua Alta: Experience the unique charm of this hidden gem bookstore tucked away in the Castello district. This is the perfect photo opportunity for book lovers who desire a shot with the stacks of old books lining the canal.
  • Teatro La Fenice: This 1792 opera house is the perfect place to attend an opera and marvel at the interior. 
  • Basilica Di Santa Maria Della Salute: The Gothic domed church across from San Marco that is often seen in postcards and painting of the Grand Canal
  • Bridge of Sighs: An enclosed white limestone bridge with a beautifully dark history and sight to see in Venice. (You can also see the bridge from the Ponte della Paglia)
  • Campo Dei Mori: Stunning square in the Cannaregio Sestiere – where the legend of three Moorish brothers turned to stone comes to life.
  • Gondola Ride: A once-in-a-lifetime experience that (in our opinion) is worth the money. 
  • Palazzo Tetta: The only palace in Venice completely bordered by canals.
  • Scala Contarini Del Bovolo: Climb the six-story spiral staircase leading you to a stunning view over the city. 

If you have more time to explore, we highly recommend adding these destinations to your list:

  • Murano Island: Witness the art of hand blown artisanal glass on this world famous island.
  • Burano Island: Travel 30 minutes by Vaporetto to get lost in the vibrant colors of this quaint fishing village.Measuring less than one square miles, it is a perfect trip from Venice. 

Getting To Venice From Florence: Catch the Morning Train

Traveling from Florence to Venice is an incredibly easy and enjoyable task when you are well-informed. You can purchase your tickets prior to your trip either online or at the Santa Maria Novella Train Station. This will ensure that you have a seat on the first train out, or you can take the gamble of purchasing your ticket on the day of at the station. 

Two online sites to book train tickets: ItaliaRail and TrenItalia

Don’t Forget To Validate Your Ticket

Before boarding, take a moment to validate your tickets – a simple task that ensures a smooth start to your day. While Italy is gradually transitioning to digital train tickets, the experience of purchasing and using a train ticket can still be overwhelming during your first Italian vacation. Train conductors routinely check for validated tickets during your journey and can request to see validated tickets at any time.

If you purchased your ticket online you are able to “check in” or “validate” directly on your phone, so be sure to follow all of the directions given to you at the time of purchase. If you’re using a paper ticket, you want to find one of the many validating machines in the station. Validation machines are typically near the platforms, or at the entrance to the platforms. Once you have found one, insert your ticket into the slot and slide the ticket to the far left. You should hear the machine stamping your ticket and when you pull the ticket out you should see the date and time printed onto the ticket. 

Troubleshooting Validation

Most validation machines will have a green light indicating that it is working properly and a red light if it is out of order or out of ink. Similarly, you may hear the machine stamping your ticket but fail to see something printed when you pull it out. That often means that the machine is out of ink and you will need to find another machine. Most importantly, there are a number of help desks and workers that are happy to help you with this process. 

Stepping Off The Train In Venice: Time To Explore

Stepping off the train in Venice feels like stepping into a dreamworld. As you emerge from the station, the first sight that captivates your senses is the mesmerizing view of the canals weaving through the city like liquid pathways. Amid the initial awe, a quick yet crucial ritual ensues – checking for all your belongings, ensuring that nothing is left behind in the whirlwind of emotions. 

Exploring The City Of Love: Using The Romantic Bucket List of Venice

From there you can start checking off items on your very own Romantic Bucket List of Venice. But remember, the journey through Venice is not just about ticking off landmarks. It is a series of uncharted experiences and an opportunity to get lost in a city that effortlessly blends history, culture, and romance.

Lunch in Venice: 

As the day unfolds, choose a charming spot for lunch, guided by the rhythm of your wandering hearts. We aim to stray away from the bustling crowds and discover hidden restaurants where local flavors come to life. And don’t be afraid to dive into the unique culinary world of Venice. Savor the specialties from seafood to Carpaccio.  

Get Lost in Venice’s Backstreets:

Embrace the enchanting chaos of Venice’s backstreets, where every turn opens a new chapter of discovery. Wander hand in hand, losing yourselves in the traditional mask shops that line the narrow pathways. Stumble upon free art installations, adding an unexpected splash of creativity to your journey. 

Gondola Ride: A Romantic Interlude:

We highly recommend that you indulge in a truly romantic interlude – a gondola ride through the captivating canals of Venice. Feel the intimacy of the moment as you glide through the waterways, surrounded by the timeless beauty of historic buildings. The experience is not merely a ride; but a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity shared with the one you love. The 80-100 Euro price of the gondola ride becomes a small investment for the richness of this unforgettable experience and photo opportunity. 

ROCKSTAR TIP: Choose a Gondola Service away from the Grand Canal. We had a very short waiting time, an incredible gondolier who shared so much history with us as we weaved through the narrow canals. 

A Day Is Just Enough:

As you reflect on your whirlwind day, acknowledge that Venice’s magic could be explored for weeks. As we boarded our train back to Florence, we wished that we had more time but were grateful for all of the incredible things we were able to do in a day.  So remember, in the span of a well-planned day, you can capture the highlights and craft beautiful lasting memories. 


  • Best Month To Visit: September or May. The summer months are the high season for both tourist crowds and peak hotel prices.
  • Best Time To Visit: If you try your best to plan your itinerary based on the opening hours of your bucket list items you are more likely to avoid overwhelming crowds. The most popular places will be the least crowded early in the morning and only get busier as the day goes on.
  • Currency: Although most places in Venice accept credit card, we found it much easier to make transactions with Euros (Especially the smaller souvenir purchases)
  • Best Way To Follow The Map: Download the offline google map of Venice to increase your chances of getting totally lost if the wifi/cellular signal dies on your trip. This helped us navigate the narrow canals so much easier. 
  • Getting Around Venice: Walking was our favorite way to get around Venice, because it gave us the chance to explore places we never would have visited if we had taken a water taxi or water bus. If you plan on walking the entire time, be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to get to each destination. 
  • Best Things To Pack: We recommend traveling as light as possible to Venice. Between the large crowds, bag restrictions of attractions, and trekking up the many staircases… the lighter the load, the happier you’ll be. We brought a single backpack and our go-to camera bag filled with the essentials; like mobile phone chargers, camera gear, small tripod, collapsible water bottles, umbrella…etc. 
  • Best Thing To Wear: We know that our influencers won’t love this answer, but sensible shoes are the best possible thing to wear while exploring Venice. There is lots of walking and uneven surfaces to walk on. And be careful of long dragging outfits – because the city does occasionally flood. 

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